About Me

Goals for this Web Site

  • Provide my favorite links to other sites
  • Provide a place for others to talk about subjects no one else will talk about
  • Provide a look into my life and what I ponder (blog) during the day

The “Fact Sheet”

  1. I am NOT looking for other men or women.
  2. I am well beyond talking about bras and panties.
  3. I do NOT share pictures on Twitter.
  4. I do NOT look at porn or talk dirty.
  5. I do NOT talk about make-up or fashion secrets.
  6. I do NOT date.
  7. I have been dressing for almost ten years now so it is possible you will see me on other sites.  If you like my fashion tell me; I do love compliments.
  8. Contacting other boys in dresses: I am not here on line everyday so be patient if you do send me an email.